I Wanna Be Like Me


Have you ever met someone that just blew you away? A motivational speaker, perhaps? A mentor, maybe? Someone who’s doing good work? Someone you look at and go, “Wow, I want to be like him/her one day.”

Maybe it’s their outwardly cheerful personality you admire. Maybe it’s how their hearts seem so full of love. Maybe it’s how giving they seem to be. Maybe it’s how they achieve so much. Maybe it’s how great they look. Maybe it’s the awesome tips they share that you’ve benefitted from. Maybe it’s just the entire package that managed to gain your respect, and makes you even a little envious.

Perhaps you even secretly wished you looked like them, or wanted to be more like them, or wanted to taste success like they have.

If you’ve ever felt this way, as I know I have at some points in my life, here’s something you should do. Look at yourself in the mirror, and ask yourself, “Am I that bad?”

Are you that bad that you’re hoping to become more like someone else instead of simply becoming the best that you can be? (Also because, you don’t REALLY know other people’s lives inside and out.) I will never excel at anything much in this life, not because I don’t have the potential for it, but because I don’t have the desire or ambition to, and that’s fine with me. I like who I am, I like the way I am, I like what I’m doing, I like where I’m going, I like being me.

Sure, sometimes I wish I had a more outgoing and cheerful spirit, or was more sociable or friendly. I can be a little shy and introverted sometimes, not really having the energy to engage more, even though I would love to.

Or if I admire someone’s generosity, I try and remember that I’m generous in my own little ways too. Sometimes I even forget how much I give because I don’t count these things or am even aware that I’m giving. And I could be more generous, but I believe that if you have little, you share little, that’s perfectly fine.

When it comes to looks, my life turned around when I stopped looking at my flaws and started loving all of me. It took me some time but I accepted how I look, and now it’s become more important to me to look real and authentically ME, than it is to look like anyone else.

I admit, sometimes I admire people for how inspirational they are, how they inspire others. How people look up to them. How they seem to make a difference in the world. And then it only takes one comment from someone else, even a stranger, like a random reader comment in my mailbox that says, “Thank you for that article, I really related to it, and it really inspired me,” to know that I am capable of inspiration too.

I remember at one point in my life, people were asking me why I don’t try and build up my blog and make it “go viral” and have thousands of supporters blah blah blah. And I honestly did think about it. Freebies are a perk (well, not any more that you’ll get taxed on them haha), and people saying nice things about you, well, that’s ALWAYS gotta feel awesome.

But I saw how things change when that happens, you end up blogging a lot more for your readers and for “the market” and “the clients” etc, than for yourself. And that’s exactly why I started blogging and will always continue blogging – for myself. And if along the way, I manage to touch a single soul with my writing, AWESOME. Like one reader said to me, “I don’t know how many people you touched with that article, but you certainly touched mine, and to me, that matters a whole darn lot.”

I may not be as good looking or high-spirited or even show off how great I am that much (you know, cuz I’m humble like that LOLOLOL), but it doesn’t mean I’m not wonderful in my own ways – in fact, how do you know if perhaps you are even MORE wonderful? ;) Believe in yourself, and just become the most wonderful version of you that you can be. Stress-free.


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