What Would You Fix?

I recently came into a situation where I had to actually sit down and honestly and seriously think and identify one part of my life that needs real fixing. I thought about all the usual suspects – family, relationship, career, myself… And realized that there was nothing. Well, some aches and pains in this old girl, sure. And more money would always be welcome.

Other than that, it almost seems I’m functioning at optimum haha. I’m happy with where my life has taken me so far, and will continue to take me (actually I don’t know anything about this part, and that makes it all the more exciting for someone who loves the thrill of adventure hehe). I’m surrounded by people who absolutely love me, because I choose to be surrounded only by people who absolutely love me. Every day I wake up happy to pursue my passions and know I’m making a difference in this world, and go to bed feeling fulfilled and very loved (thanks to a personal bolster thing), but also excited about the future.

My only insecurities can be counted and deposited into the bank, or massaged away. I know who I am, what I’m like, what I like and dislike, what I want to be more like, and who I want to be when I grow up. Almost. I’m still keeping my options open. Like figure skating on ice-cream. One day, that’ll be a thing.

It’s probably a good place to be. After all, I’m the youngest I’ll ever be right this minute, there’s so much more excitement to expect in the future. Then again, I’m also the oldest I’ve ever been so far, so maybe I should have gained *some* wisdom at least haha.

What about you? What would you fix? <3


3 thoughts on “What Would You Fix?

    1. @kreeti It is! And I didn’t even know I was here, if someone hadn’t asked me this question about what I would fix. Who knows, you might be there already? Just need to focus on what needs fixing and fix it — and remember, the “fix” may not come in a form you think, just keep an open mind. I wish you happiness and love! And thank you so much for supporting my little blog hehe ;)

      1. Yes, it’s Kreeti. Perhaps I am not there but I know that I am happy being where I am. Also reading your blog is a joy. I also like the name ‘Inspire me silly’. Please continue writing. :)

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