Don’t Date A Girl Who Travels

This article has been making its rounds;
naturally, I had to give my two cents’.


Don’t date a girl who travels. She’s the one that turns up at a friend’s birthday party in hippie pants, dirty Timberlands and dragging a backpack because she only just came back.

And perhaps she might have the potential to look more beautiful, but she’s not going to shell out big bucks on a nice wardrobe and skincare when nobody’s going to notice how she looks when she’s ziplining across a gorge or jumping out of a plane.

Don’t date a girl who travels because she has no clue where the best sales are in town, or which new DJ is playing at which new club, or what gigs are happening this weekend. Instead, she’ll know useless information like when Rang De Holi is taking place in India, or Songkran in Thailand, or which months are best to view the aurora borealis.

Don’t date a girl who travels. She won’t have a steady income, and she’ll be a scrooge about spending, especially on herself. Worse still, she’ll be impractically generous with spending on experiences and family and friends.

And yes, she will even make ridiculously stupid decisions like turning down a job that offers her twice the amount of pay, just because it isn’t something she’s passionate about and/or doesn’t allow her enough time to explore.

Don’t date a girl who travels if you can’t stand being surrounded by her contagious zest for life and infectious spirit of positivity. You’ll never understand why she’s happy all the time despite having so little in life.

Don’t date her and talk about dreams that you aren’t even making a real effort to fulfill, because she’s been there, done that; she knows exactly what it’s like to have a dream and then drop everything in crazy pursuit of it.

Don’t date a girl who travels if you can’t deal with the way she’s so fickle minded about everything, sometimes needing to plan things in advance, and yet other times so spontaneous. She will never have a pattern that you can predict, and you’ll never really “get” her.

Don’t date a girl who travels if you can’t face the fact that she’s always going to crave the mountains more than she craves you, that she would rather spend the weekend hiking than staying in watching television with you.

Don’t date someone like that if you have a hero complex and need to boost your ego through saving the needy damsel in distress, because she’s way too independent and capable of solving her own problems to ever really need your help.

Don’t date a girl who travels because you’re probably not going to see much of her. She won’t drop all her plans for you. She won’t arrange her flight schedules around dates. She won’t sit by the phone waiting for you to ask her out. She’s got a life of her own.

Don’t date a girl like that because when she is around, when she is with you, when she gets the opportunity to do so, she will love you 100%. She will shower you with kisses and affection. She will embrace and cherish every moment with you. She will let herself feel without fear of being hurt, she will invest her all, and she will throw herself into loving you, because she knows that life is too short to play games or hold herself back or have regrets.

Don’t date a girl who travels, because gawd, she’ll want to share all of life’s beauty and wonders and adventure with you.

And if you do fall in love with one, god bless your soul, because your life is never going to be the same again. Bless your body, that it may be able to keep up with that level of excitement and adventure. Bless your mind, that it can continue soaking in all the wonder that you’ll share together. But most of all, bless your heart, that it doesn’t burst with all that love you’ll naturally feel for someone so amazing as the girl who travels.


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