An Everest Affair

“I don’t think you’ll see anything if you do the hike tomorrow. The sky’s nothing but a blurry fog right now,” she said, looking out the window.

“Yeah, that’s why I’ll go the day after tomorrow,” he replied, cheer in his voice, “When the clouds will be gone and the sun will be up again! Well, hopefully this is the truth, otherwise I would have to climb Everest to see the Himalayas, and that is a bit too much, I think.”

She laughed. “I can tell you that is a BAD idea. Take it from someone who almost died on Everest.”

His gaze lingered upon her a second more, softer now, and then he whispered, “You almost died. That’s crazy.”

Bursting into giggles of amusement she strode over and wrapped her arms around his shoulders from behind. “Better appreciate me then,” she teased.

“Ohhhh,” he said, feigning a frown and nodding solemnly, “appreciation has.”

She chuckled. “But, many?”

He turned his bemused face towards her, eyes dancing. “How DOES one count them?”

“In kisses,” she whispered seductively into his ear before kissing it lightly, and giggling again.

“I see…” he said, turning suddenly and grabbing her by her waist, those two words the last that were uttered that night.


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