50 Annoying Things That Happen When There’s Something There

50 Annoying Things That Happen When There’s Something There

  1. You feel like arriving at their doorstep unannounced and unexpected just to see that look of surprised joy (you hope) on their face.
  2. You catch them staring at you while you’re speaking, and when you pause to acknowledge their stare, they just comment on how cute you are. Which makes you smile. And light up inside.
  3. Occasionally their fingers get itchy and all they seem to want to do is tickle you. All over.
  4. Something as boring as catching up on the latest TV series on a laptop in bed suddenly feels like the most romantic thing in the world. And sometimes, you don’t even care what’s on.
  5. You don’t have to communicate with each other for hours when apart when you know you’ll be seeing each other soon. It’s enough to fuel any long, crazy, or boring day.
  6. They smile when you pronounce something differently, and not because it’s weird the way you said it, but because it’s quaint and almost charming.
  7. You both get excited about talk of “Next time, let’s…”
  8. They shed a tear for something they did that hurt you.
  9. You’re willing to take a leap of faith.
  10. Every conversation in text is peppered with little smileys. Every conversation in person is peppered with little kisses.
  11. They know what you want to say before you even say it, because they’ve observed it from the articles and links you post on Facebook.
  12. They personally text you their reply to your latest Facebook status minutes after you post it.
  13. You’re dying inside trying to play it cool when all you want to do is see them all the time.
  14. They are kind to you. Kinder than anyone you’ve ever been with, or maybe even met. And they make you become a kinder person. Kinder than you’ve ever been.
  15. You can look into each other’s eyes for the longest time and let your mind wander… and yet, every thought will begin with them, and end with them.
  16. You make each other laugh. Out loud. Without a care. A chuckle, a guffaw, a crackle.
  17. They take your preferences and likes and needs into consideration, and make the effort to make sure you’re taken care of.
  18. They know everything about you – every damn mistake you’ve ever made – and they still want to spend time with you.
  19. They inspire you to hope, to reach out for more, to dream, to look forward to a better future.
  20. They make time for you.
  21. You walk past shops and see things that remind you of them and feel an intense urge to get them just so you can share them together.
  22. You have these random flashes of inspiration which makes you do weirdly creative things like make little instaquotes or write songs about them.
  23. You’re not afraid to be open with them, to be vulnerable and scared, and let them see you cry.
  24. They send you little pictures throughout the day just because they want to share their life with you.
  25. They’re just as comfortable with you outside in public as they are when it’s just the two of you alone.
  26. They hold your hand. And stroke it affectionately with their thumb. When you’re out on the street, and when you’re lying in bed.
  27. You’re completely honest with each other about everything. Your pasts, your presents, your futures. 100% honest-to-god-dammit honest.
  28. They are real with you, and you are real with them. No games, no smooth lines, just good old fashioned sincerity.
  29. They’re the first person you want to tell anything to, like when you receive good news or are faced with a problem.
  30. The music you listen together becomes special because it represents time spent together.
  31. You ask each other personal questions and really think about the answers.
  32. You create little special activities that you love doing together, something to call your own.
  33. You don’t mind letting yourself fall asleep because you know you’ll wake up in their arms, with them kissing your hair and whispering “Good morning” in your ear.
  34. Long before anyone even admitted liking anyone, the companionship, chemistry and conversation were already extremely enjoyable.
  35. They accommodate the funniest diets that you’re on.
  36. You want to know all about them, everything, the good and the bad, because you want to know what makes them the person that they are, the person you now admire.
  37. You have a great deal of respect for each other.
  38. You’re always considerate of each other’s feelings in any matter, and you’re willing to make amendments if it means they will be happier or better taken care of.
  39. You enjoy your favourite things a whole lot more just because they enjoy them too.
  40. You start noticing beauty in everything, more so than ever before.
  41. Tomorrow can wait. You just want to indulge in every moment together because it’s so amazing.
  42. The touches that mean more are the tender ones, the kisses that mean more are the ones on your nose and forehead, and the words that mean the most are the ones that even they were not expecting to say.
  43. You both want to see more of each other and less of everybody else.
  44. They get more and more attractive the more you realise how much you love being with them, and that in turn fans the flames of desire you feel for them.
  45. Making love feels oh so right. And sex doesn’t get in the way. Being together wins every time.
  46. Even after having them, it’s never enough and you just want more. And you want to kiss them all over. All the time.
  47. You don’t ever want to see them sad. In fact, if it were in your power, you’d just want to make them happy forever.
  48. You feel like you can take on any obstacle life throws at you if they’re by your side. And with them in your life, your life would be complete.
  49. You’re completely in denial that you might be – don’t say it – falling in love.
  50. The thought that they might not feel the same way scares you beyond hell, and suddenly, you’re seventeen and pathetically insecure again.

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