Being Unproductive

This morning I awoke at 11ish.

And I felt bad.

Yes, it’s a Saturday. Yes, I have every right to sleep in on the weekend. Yes, I definitely deserve to do so after the crazy week I’ve had.

But something about it felt foreign, and even a little dirty. Perhaps due to the fact I was due at a photo marathon today, but chose to play hooky instead. But also I realised, I’ve not taken a personal day in a long, long time. Months.

A personal day to me is when you don’t think about achieving anything. There are no To-Do Lists. There are no errands that need running, no laundry that needs doing, no floors that need sweeping, but even more so, no work that needs to be done, no art that needs to be created, no words that need to be written.

Productivity is a pretty big thing with me. I get a bit annoyed and restless if I do not accomplish or achieve something each day. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, but something, anything, that makes me feel I have contributed something, anything to this world, my world.

Today is what I would consider a highly unproductive day. Well, of course at the back of my mind I had set out a million things I wanted to do. Archive my iPhone pictures (there’s 7,000++ photos in my camera roll that need to be “delete(d) after import(ing)”). Go through all my junk at home and clear out (hopefully) 75% of it, and sort out what gets sold off for cheap at my upcoming flea market on 20 & 21 July. Finally read the rest of the book I’m supposed to adapt. Write a song (at least). Fill up some applications that have just been sitting there. Sort out my bills. Write, something, anything.

Well, the import’s going on (albeit tiresomely slowly) in the background as I write this, so that’s at least the first and last items on the list taken care of. The rest will just have to wait. Because right now I’m busy doing something else.

Learning how to let everything else wait.


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