There is this strange phrase Koreans like to use often: “FIGHTING!” The equivalent of the Japanese “Gambatte!” and the Chinese “Jiayou!”, it basically offers up encouragement especially in the face of a challenge of difficulty. It’s basically, “COME ON PEOPLE LET’S OWN THIS SHIT.”

I believe in fighting. I believe very strongly in fighting. Fighting for excellence, for your dreams, fighting to make a difference, to make things better, to be better. I think the day you stop fighting… you may as well stop living.

I am very turned on by fighting. By that I mean I am extremely attracted to people who are highly motivated, passionate, determined, responsible; people with drive. Not blind ambition – I don’t agree with climbing ladders that lead to nowhere of real meaning or consequence – but drive. That fire that burns within you and burns from under you. The unbridled passion that bubbles forth because you simply can’t contain it. That desire, love, wanting, that consumes you.

Ok let’s not go into crazy talk. Because let’s be honest, how many people can really be like that? How many of us can actually go crazy bat shit and just focus on whatever it is we want to achieve and nothing else? Yes, that’s the only way you’re gonna succeed and make something out of nothing. There is no easy way out. There is no easy success. There is only hard work, the ingesting of and regurgitating of some bullshit, loads of getting your hands dirty in piles of shit, and a swallowing of an ego that’s almost bursting out of your heart because your brain knows better.

But that’s the life of the successful. We’re not. We’re just you and me. Trying to get by. Trying to get through today, and tomorrow, and the rest of the todays and tomorrows that are lined up ahead. What’s there to fight for? Same things, actually. Fight for excellence, for your dreams, to make a difference, to make things better, to be better. Why should it be any different?

People say every day is a struggle. Well you know what, every day should be a struggle. It should be a damn hard struggle. Because there’s so much to tussle with. Internally, in your head, battling thoughts of negativity that threaten to surface, threaten to conquer and invade your emotions. Your heart, beating fast for all the things you love – What will you do today? What will you accomplish with the little time you have? What’s next?

With others, the tug of war waged against conflicting ideas, necessary evils, unkind actions, harsh communication, goes on every single day. A deep breath, breathe in sanity, and here we go again. Try to be the better person, not in comparison with others, but with yourself. Better yourself today than you were yesterday. Better yourself tomorrow more than you did today. Be better, because there is always a better way, a better you, a better me.

And on the arc of bigger pictures, the things that are important to the value system you hold to, to your beliefs and traditions. Who are you? What makes you you? And what defines you? Fight for everything you are before you lose it all.

Fight to change the system. Fight to do away with the old processes. Fight to discover something new. Fight to experience something different. Fight to know. Fight to show. Fight this shit. Fight to own it. Fight to learn. Fight to love. Fight to care. Fight to make people fucking care. Fight to keep the world spinning. The world as you know it.

Every day is a fight. But embrace it. Live it. Take control and gain mastery over it. Fight because it makes life amazing. Fight because it makes you awesome. Fight. And never stop FIGHTING!


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