If you wonder why it’s so easy for you to walk away, to let go, to gloss over, to put aside, to forget, and yet people seem to struggle so much with it, here’s a clue: Passion. It’s that little fire that bubbles within some people. Some people, because not everybody has it, and some people have more of it, some less, and some have it for more things than others. Passion dictates that you do not give up without a fight, that you must not have lived at all if you haven’t lived to the fullest. Passion is a fire that can consume – can create, or destroy. Passion is the life force that ensures that every day is different, every day is a challenge, every day is an opportunity. What are you passionate about? And the next time you have a conflict with somebody, ask yourself, what is it that they are passionate about? Is what you deem aggression merely their expression of passion? It might help you understand them better.


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