It’s human nature to point out the worse. Yet we don’t realise we are projecting negativity onto others.

For example, you give somebody a cup of fresh apple juice you just juiced. They say “Eh it’s oxidized already.”

You show your parents your grades and they’ll be sure to point out your one C and not notice your As and Bs.

You give a friend a present and they say “Eh how come it doesn’t come with the accessories one?”

You tell your friend you’re on a diet, and they say “Huh then you still eat salad with dressing??”

You tell your friend you’ve been sick and they say “Must be cuz you… (did something wrong.)”

You show a friend the new car you bought, and they immediately point out the littlest dent ever in your hood.

You tell your friend about the great deal you just purchased, and they tell you you’ve been conned cuz they got it elsewhere cheaper.

Everywhere. These people are everywhere. They are our family, our closest friends. They lurk in the shadows of friendship and familiarity and they may rear their ugly heads at any turn. They mean well, but it doesn’t always out well.

How about “Haha it’s oxidised already! But never mind, still good! Thanks for all the effort!”

How about “Wow good job! Don’t worry about the C, you already did your best!”

How about “Gee wow thanks for the present! Maybe I’ll get the accessories next month to complete it!”

How about “Haha nice to see you eating a salad now, what a change from all that fast food! Even with the dressing, the amount of calories is still lesser than a Big Mac for sure!!”

How about “Oh no, I’m sure you’re doing all you can for your health. How can I help? I hope you’ll feel better soon.”

How about “Wow, nice ride. Really love the colour. Tumpang me more often k!”

How about “Yeah it’s a really good product, I’ve been using it too. Though I think I previously got it cheaper, but it must have been some extra special promotion that’s over already. You got it at a good deal though, it’s normally more expensive.”

Yes it takes a lot of effort for us to think before we speak. Nobody said fighting human nature would be easy. That’s why we all excuse each other when we fall victim to the negative friend. After all, we know they have our best interests at heart. But at least, let’s try? It would make life that much better.


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